Design Wall Monday, January 21, 2013

Koda's Keeper

Happy Monday!  Today I begin with Koda's Keeper on my design wall.  This project has been sitting too long; time to get it done.  Its been in this state for five years now.  It started out to be for my brother Steve and his wife Tammy when my niece Morgan was born.  
Morgan has her Koda quilt, but circumstances made it emotionally difficult to finish Koda's Keeper.  Steve passed away quite unexpectedly just days after Morgan was born.  Five year will always seem like yesterday.  This quilt must be finished.  I had it as a 2011 UFO you can see that didn't get it done either.  I'll be making a few more applique bears because I really like these patterns.  Some more bear paw blocks might be made too.  I think it needs more pink, blue, and yellow.  Perhaps the setting pieces will be more neutral fabrics so the applique bears "float".  First up is to prepare some patterns for applique.

Karen stopped by with her neutral blocks today.  I can't say enough about how all of the blocks look.  Everyone should be really happy in a couple of weeks when their part of the swap gets to them.  My guess is that there will be a bunch of page turning of Bonnie Hunter's String Fling book!

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betty said...

Nice, those blocks are really coming in now. Great selection. Koda Keeper will find its way together. Steve will always be in our hearts, he will be pleased you are going to finish it.

LynCC said...

Awww. I'm so glad you're giving Koda's Keeper attention again. Emotional projects are hard to work through, but this will be a very nice tribute with poignant memories. Plus, it's adorable so far.

Janet O. said...

That would be hard to get out that quilt to finish and stir up those feelings again. There will probably always be some raw emotions associated with it, but it may also be cathartic to bring closure to this project.
It looks like a delightful quilt that your niece will love.

Rhonda said...

Yes, it is hard to work on something that brings up such emotions but has you work, happy memories will pop up, smiles and funny times will flood your heart and tears, as well.
I know because something similar happened in my life. Your tribute with this quilt, I think, is a wonderful experience.
Take care.

mycreativecorner3 said...

These are such adorable quilts. I think that your journey to completing it will be well worth it!!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh my, that may be a difficult quilt to finish up, but it will be a treasure beyond price!