Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kwitcherbitchin is looking terrific with it's two borders almost done.  I have the inner border that is a tiny black and ivory plaid (that reads gray) completely around.  The piano key boarder that is in different widths to match the string blocks in the center of the quilt is on three sides.

This is the reason I didn't get the fourth side done...I ran out of piano keys!  I'll need to get the stabilizer out and cut another 75" off the roll.  I still have a bunch of dark strings already to go. Hope that I can use up what I have without cutting more.  Tonight I'll be sewing more piano keys.

Enjoy Wednesday!


Janet O. said...

So close to a finish--I'm cheering for you to not have to cut more strings! : )

Lynette said...

Looking good! That piano key border must be a bit tedious, but it's so nice for the quilt. :D

Betty said...

I see the piano strings now, the first time they slipped by me. I like it.