Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Last night I got Joan T's blocks for the swap (left) I got Betty's (right).  Nice job ladies!  These two bring what I've received so far to 5.  End of the month is when they are all due.  That means 13 swappers are busy getting there's done.

Joan also shared the next block with me for wool applique.  I've learned that my wool needs to be felted to keep it from fraying.  Joan says I did a good job with my first project...wash and dry the wool I'm going to use before I start the next 15" square project.  Guess what's going in the washer tomorrow....

Sunshine Guild was last night and here's the BOM that I'll be working on that Bonnie Sue put together for us.  I'm to add a background that looks good with the fabric provided.  Hmmm...what should that be?

Did you notice the pieces in the background of the first photo?  That's what I'll be working on tomorrow.

Hope "hump day" treated you right.  Have a great Thursday. 


Janet O. said...

I'm attempting my first wool applique next week in a class with Lisa Bongean.
I spent most of today on Easy Street, and it is still a long way from looking like anything. You'll have yours finished long before mine is recognizable.

betty said...

Glad that you received the strings, wow, glad that is over with. Easy to do. But I failed to do them correctly.