Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Monday sewing was all about getting up to pace with Easy Street.  I got my self twisted up in Kwitcherbitchin and slid behind just a bit.  Step 6 I figured was pretty simple so it was put on simmer...then Step 7 showed me I'd better get busy since the next day would be the big reveal.  Bam, bam, and then bam again...three steps released in nearly as many days.  I was determined to get Steps 6 and 7 done before Step 8 was released on New Year's Day. 

Step 6

Step 7 (the first part)

Step 7 (the second part)

Step 7 (the third part)

Step 7
I sure like the finish.  A great way to bring in 2013.  New Year's Day sewing.  The Rose Bowl Parade and Game will be on while my Pfaff hums.  Kwitcherbitchin will have to wait it's turn.  There's going to be two finishes real soon from my sewing room.  Happy Sewing!


Betty said...

Sure it looking great, I love the colors. Seems like you are never going to run out of fabric, lol
Sorry your team didn't win.

Janet O. said...

Easy Street looks very good. Your photos always show everything precisely arranged and neatly pressed. Does your sewing area ever get messy? Just curious, Sandi. : )

Teresa in Music City said...

Your units look GREAT!!! I got behind too during the holidays, but I had some good chunks of time last week to sit and catch up. I still have about half of the aqua/purple flying geese from Clue #4 to finish up though. I managed to get the 4 corner units and 2 of the setting units done from #7 on Monday, and then yesterday I put together one each of the finale blocks - yoohoo! Love this quilt!!! Hoping to get #4 and the other setting triangles from #7 done today :*)

Karen (Misiz C) said...

I, too, let Easy Street slide a little but had a little time before the big reveal to play catch up. And I'm so glad I played along this year. Another gorgeous Bonnie quilt. I'll post photos soon. Can't wait to see your's done.