2012 At A Glance, January 1, 2013

Quilting throughout 2012 has been great.  I don’t know what I’d do without needles, thread, a rotary cutter, and fabric!  I finished 28 quilts this year and used nearly 300 yards of fabric in the process.  Being a “scrappy” quilter most of the fabrics come from my “stash”.  Oh don’t worry there’s lots more fabric around for 2013 projects.  A few of the cleverest names this year are Katnip Krazy, Kooky Kins, Klapper, and Kerfuffle.  Here’s the quilts of 2012.  Which name puts a smile to your face most?

Bonnie Hunter stayed at my home again in January.  I don’t know how she keeps up with her demanding schedule.  I was exhausted running her around Southern California for the week where she had five different lectures and six different workshops.  In June I was a guest speaker at Canyon Quilt Guild in Kearny Mesa, CA.  My theme for 30 minutes was traditional quilting which included a trunk show. 

No Klucks Here!
I taught a workshop for Friendship Quilt Guild in Poway, CA in September.  For the time of the year quickly approaching No Klucks Here! was a timely project. Kolonial was published in the Australian Homespun February 2012 issue.  Wow it feels really special to be international! 

 Five workshops attend this year had Krayons, Kontinental, Kindhearted Klues, Kruizer, and Knickels under the needle.  I’m excited that all of them are either finished.  I donated a quilt to the Sandy Super Storm Relief and two to Sunshine Quilt Guild.  For the eighth year in a row Kerry and I donated a quilt to the San Diego Humane Society’s Fur Ball.  In March I had an entry in the Lakeside Womens Quilt Show and in September multiple entries at the San Diego Quilt Show.  I finished all my 2012 UFOs with PatchworkTimes as well as the 12 small quilts quilt along with Jo’s CountryJunction.  November 23rd started the annual Bonnie Hunter mystery Easy Street that will go through the first of the year.  I’ve been keeping the activities in the sewing room focused on this project which is at Step 6 right now with two more yet to come.  In 2011 when I purchased a new sewing machine a different sewing cabinet was necessary since the Horn cabinet would no longer accommodate the larger machine.  So  In March Koala furniture moved in and oh my gosh what a wonderful upgrade!

With the closing of the year I have 10 at Kerry’s Quilting where all of my quilts are quilted.  You’ll have to check out my 2013 UFOs on my side bar.  I’ve got quite a variety of projects that I’ll take on in the coming year…and more that I’m sure to include that aren’t listed.  I’ll have a bit more time for my sewing since January starts me on a part time schedule.  It will be an adjustment not working 40 hour work weeks, but then again it could turn out to be the right thing.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 290 yards

Purchased this week: 0 yards
Purchased YTD: 147.75 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2012: 142.25 yards

Okay it’s back to zero on my weekly stash report with Patchwork Times.  I'm very happy with how much I used.  Most all the purchases were to finish what started from my stash.  It works that way you know.

Visit here often and please leave a comment when you do.  It’s nice to chat with like minded folks as we wrap the world in quilts.


Janet O. said...

I think Kokonut No! is my favorite name of this group. I am just floored by how prolific a quilter you are, Sandi. You always accomplish your goals and every quilt is beautiful!
I also love your new sewing cabinet!

betty said...

I am totally in ah, reading about all your activities. I hope you always have the tools to keep going. Quilting is your passion and you are very talented at what you do. I am retired and it takes me all week to do one thing. lol

Jackie said...

You've had a very productive year! Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

pink daisy said...

Happy New Year.
Ok I have 2 favorites:Kolonial(I think its the color) and Komplikated ( I am a sucker for pinwheels).
I have been working on Easy St also. I now have a little taste of how you can be so productive.
See you soon, michalee