Tuesday, July 3, 2012


All Crabapple Swaps are in.  I'll be sorting these into individual stacks on Wednesday.  Should be ready for picking up in the next couple of days.  Collette packaged her 9-patches different than anyone else; she grouped her lights and darks with paper clips and used snack size baggies.  I'm looking forward to getting these to everyone.

Too late Monday night to do any sewing after cleaning up from dinner.  I'll have an extra sewing day on Wednesday with the holiday.  We'll probably do like most and cook outdoors.  My DH is excellent with the Weber and fireworks can be seen in several directions from our backyard.  Not more than five miles away is a fireworks show that can be heard as well.  Love the final minutes of the show!

Have a wonderful day.

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betty said...

Well, looks like all Crabapples are in. Best be thinking about doing the green trees. Hopefully I can get them done earlier than I did with the Chunky Churndash..... Enjoy the fireworks, and enjoy your cook out.