Thursday, July 5, 2012

I was busy yesterday putting the finishing touches on these two projects.  First up is the Hot Air Balloon top that is my Mom's.  The blocks came from a swap she participated in a couple of years back.  I don't know if the others who swapped found it has hard to find a fabric to sash the blocks with that would go along with all the different blue backgrounds that perplexed us.  Once the decision was made to go for the black and white 1/4" had to be found.  Finding what you'd think to be a "staple" sort of fabric didn't turn out that way at all.  Finally found though and ready for quilting.  I found putting the white with black dots in the corners gave it a a bit of a punch too.  Three more blocks are left which will find their way onto the back.

Betty's Hot Air Balloon

Over the course of the week I finished all 20 blocks, decided on an arrangement and then started assembly.  Blue is a pleasing color for both gals and girls so navy became the inner border and scraps from a 2005 quilt were enough for the second border.  I'm still working on a back for this project that I'm calling Kontinental.  It is a pattern by Bonnie Hunter that is offered FREE on her website called Scrappy Trips Around The World. 

 It was real nice having yesterday to sew.  Since I'm a bit ahead on my UFOs the sewing has been on getting a few projects without due dates done before I have to put them on a list!  Tomorrow is an off day for me.  I have Klowning on my sewing table with one more border to attach before it can be called complete.  Klowning is my July UFO Challenge with Patchwork Times.  Maybe I'll work on Korabell and her kitties next...

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betty said...

I like the black and white check on the hot air balloons, really sets it off. Kontinental is nice, does't look like a huge quilt? Enjoy your Friday off, chat later.