Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I decided since Bonnie's book Adventures With Leaders and Enders kept going back to Sister's Nine Patch while I was making another of her patterns in the book...that it was meant to be made.  I find making 9-patches very relaxing and a bit mindless.  So far all of the 2" squares in various reds and neutrals (yes I changed my mind from using 1 1/2") have come from my scrap bins.  After counting I'll be pulling some yardage, but not too much.  What I will need will be the yellow for the solid blocks.  I'm just now starting assembly of the 9-patches.  Since my Sister is Karen...what better name than Karen's Knines?  My next trip to a one of my local quilt shops will be looking for the perfect yellow!

Has your telephone and mail box been missing anything political lately?  Gosh, my phone didn't ring once tonight.  Even my mail didn't have any "interesting" fliers included today.  Now if those who put up all the signs around town would be so kind to take them away!  I'm not holding my breath on that for certain.

Hope you are having a great week so far.  


Janet O. said...

It's a good thing you find making 9-patch blocks relaxing. You will be relaxed for some time getting all of these made, but you are so good at sticking to a task and getting it completed in short order.
Good luck on your hunt for a perfect yellow. I struggle finding good yellows in my LQSs.

betty said...

I know who to ask if I need some 9 patches. lol I am way behind on getting to anything. Working on purses for the craft fair.....