Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last night after all the Trick or Treat activity finished for the evening I sewed up the trees for Krabapple.  There are 25 trees all set and ready for on point sashing.

Tuesday night after work I cooked, and cooked, and cooked!  It was worth it as you can see from my trophies.  My Pumpkin Pie Bars (thanks Kendyll for the recipe idea) took 1st place among several other competitors! 

The White Chicken Chili had some fierce competition. There were 13 others participating in the 2nd Annual event. I'm not unhappy to have the two that won over my entry do so. One dish was full of different beans including navy beans. From the description it came over as being really spicy, being no wimp on the spicy side...I gave it a try! Apparently a wimp called it spicy...NOT! The 2nd place finish was my favorite. A Chili Verde full of morsel sized pork; definitely a little zesty...fabulous. I can share the recipes if you are interested...

Today I'll be celebrating a quilting buddy's birthday.  A couple of us will be taking Bonnie out for lunch after stopping by to get her birthday gift from Rosie's! 

Did you get the fabric requirements for Easy Street?  Bonnie Hunter posted them today on her blog.  The annual mystery is set to start on November 23rd.  The colors she's chosen are to my liking; no reason to change anything...  I'll be looking for the perfect gray and a few vibrant greens to beef up my stash for this project.  I'm pretty certain I've got the other colors at my fingertips already.

Have a wonderful November!


Janet O. said...

I knew your Krabapple would make fast progress.
I would love the chili recipes. I love to make big batches of chili and freeze them in portions for our meals through the cold weather.
Saw Bonnie's post. Wasn't planning on participating. Probably still won't until after the holidays, but the name gave me hope! : )

betty said...

I figured you would enjoy Bonnie's Mystery, lol, you will probably be the first one done. Your Krabapple quilt looks super. Good job on the trophys.