Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February and more importantly Hump Day!

I have been real happy with my sewing these past couple of days.  Monday night I spent time getting everything for my Chunky Churndashes project caught up.  I had all 30 of the Chunky Churndashes blocks that I will swap complete, but needed to complete the rest of them.  61 are required for the project.  I coordinate a swap with 15 quilters for this Bonnie Hunter design that is FREE on her website.  Everyone is to have 30 blocks to me by the end of February.  I'll be sending back two from each of the participants to all 15.  This means half of the blocks will be exchanged for every one's project.  A great way to get that scrappy feeling with only a few fabrics.  The second block design which everyone will do for their own project is an hour glass block with a dark and a neutral.  The dark is constant and the neutral should be scrappy as a continuation of the swapped Chunky Churndashes.  I've not decided yet on my dark; it will have everything to do with what's in my stash.

Tuesday night was spent laying out a delinquent 2011 UFO, Komplikated.  For some unknown reason I made more 12-patch blocks and light pinwheels than were required.  It was nice for the variety afforded me in the layout with the extra pinwheels.  All not wasted though as I'll use them on the back in some way shape or another.  Tonight I plan to sew the blocks and rows together.  There isn't a pieced border in the plans for this project...13 rows to sew and another chalk mark in the finished column.  I can just see the "Used this week" increasing this Sunday!

I think then I'll work on Orca Bay, my Kordova Klosure.  I put it aside to get some other projects with due dates finished.  I'm somewhere along in Part 7 with only Part 8 assembly to complete.
Judy with Patchwork Times has made the selection for 2012 UFO February #1 which is my Kokonut No! This is a pattern called Sunshine Pineapple a Quilting Time Pattern 103. I've been wanting to make this one for years...since 2007 when I purchased the pattern.  Now is it's time!
Jo's Country Junction Quilt Square Quilt Along for February is the Bear Paw design.  I'm told this one takes a bit longer to assemble than the Log Cabin...we'll find out!  I'll be using the same fabrics as the Log Cabin with hopes to put all twelve 12" blocks together as a sampler when 2012 comes to a close.

That's it for now.  Will you be participating in Bonnie Hunter's Yard Sale on Saturday...I am!  Check back Saturday to see what I'm selling.


Janet O. said...

You are a busy gal. Love all the projects, but the pineapple quilt was a new one to me. Very pretty!
Not selling anything at the yardsale, but I may be shopping. : )

Kim West said...

Its funny - my UFO for this month is also Sunshine Pineapples. I have set mine differently than the pattern - because here - EVERYONE has seemed to made that same pattern... and most have used kits...I wanted something different.

Good luck on your quilt!

betty said...

sounds like you are back on the rolling ball. Catching up on all you projects. Good job.... I like your pineapple quilt that you will be making.

bingo~bonnie said...

your projects all look fantastic! Years ago when I discovered Bonnie's website I also started on Chunky Churn Dash blocks and cut up and kitted up some to be made in hopes to mail to a long distance friend every other month.... only she didn't hold up her end of the deal :( after 2 mailings, and me not receiving anything I quit on them and put my cutups away.... one day I'll find them again and complete myself a quilt, but a swap would be a fun way to get a variety of blocks!! Great idea!

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie