Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here we are the middle of the week...starved of sugar after all the sweet festive treats you received on Valentine's Day! ? Only one more alarm clock sound this week for me.  Thursday ends my work week this week.
Betty, Collette, and Debbie
Debra, Joan S, and Joan T

Karen, Kerry and Lisa
Nancy and Sandi

I did end up with three more Chunky Churndashes Swappers turning in their blocks last night.  The assortment as you can see from the pictures is grand.  Only five more yet to turn in before I can start separating them for each participant.  Lots I've heard have already started or even finished the hour glass block which is the only other block design needed for Bonnie Hunter's Project.  I've mentioned before that this design is available free on her quiltville website.

Good for Bonnie Sue and Ingrid, but sad for me that I didn't win either the February BOM blocks or the seasonal opportunity quilt.  Winning one of the six door prizes wasn't even in the cards for me last night.  There will be more opportunities in the future I'm sure.  I enjoyed Ms. Memory Lane's lecture last night; Chris told us all about how she came to own a quilt shop along with her newest opportunities in pattern design.  You can check out her shop's website for information HERE.

Last night when I got home after guild a FedEx package had been delivered for me.  Not expecting anything in a cardboard box of this size...I was surprised that the insert for my new Koala Sewing Cabinet had arrived.  I was told this would be the last of the three shipments to arrive since it would be customized for my sewing machine.  Wonder if I'll get the chair next which is supposed to be second to my home.  Oh it would be so nice to be sitting at my new furniture this weekend! 
With the new furniture or not I'll be continuing progress on my Kokonut No! project (February's 2012 UFO).  Today at lunch break I applied Steam-A-Seam 2 to the pineapple stratas and started the leaves.  I think the two brown pineapples will play nice with the others.  What do you think?

Until next time, hope you find time to sew!


Janet O. said...

I think the pineapples will glow in any shade!
There are some wonderful color combos in the chunky churndash blocks. What a fun swap block! I need to go look up this quilt pattern and see the finished product (not that I have time to make it--maybe I'd better not look).
How exciting to get the new furniture, Sandi!

betty said...

I know how excited you are, hope it all comes n this weekend. Especially nice if it would come in on Friday, your day off. You would have time to arrange and set up and sew, sew, sew.