Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bunko Winnings!

I was tied for biggest looser with Kerry.  You should have seen all the silver beads around our necks!  Since there needs to be only one 1st place looser and one 2nd place looser we had a roll of the dice for biggest number and I won, but just by one!  In four rounds of play we each had 14 losses.  Thanks Memory Lane and the Bunko Gals of last night.  I had a very good time.

Here's my winnings!  4 Creams, 4 Reds and 5 Blues.  Now what to do with these?

Next month's Bunko Night is August 1st.  The anty will be six Batik FQs in the colors Purple and Teal plus $2.  If I go, which I'm hoping to, I'll be sure to bring a goodie to share.  It isn't part of the anty, but sure was nice during our intermission to snack on a cookie (the peanut butter chip were awesome).

I did find time during that intermission to find fabric I had to have.  I had a gift certificate in hand that worked out just perfect.  When I left Memory Lane not only did I have my winnings but a piece needed to finish the supply list for a workshop I'll be taking at Quilt in a Day next Friday along with three yards of a deep chocolate brown that's sure to be in a scrappy project I'll take on by Bonnie Hunter or Judy Laquidara.  These two are always coming up with something I want to make.

Thanks everyone for wishing me a lucky BUNKO night!


Janet O. said...

Browse some blogger's patriotic quilts in recent posts. The possibilities for these winnings are endless. And they don't have to scream "I Am A Patriotic Quilt", either. There are just some beautiful red/white/blue quilts out there. Congrats on your haul--winner, or not!

JCnNC said...

I am so glad you got your batiks - good job on winning. Judy C in NC

Kathie said...

Nice winnings, sounds like you had a great time.