Design Wall Monday, July 25, 2011

Starting the last week of July 2011.  I've still several projects set as goals for 2011.  I really need to get busy! 

Of course taking on the unexpected workshop doesn't help, but it was very informative.  The workshop was centered on circles.  I don't know about you, not one of my favorite styles of sewing.  I went with the hope of learning a thing or two to make circles something I didn't regret doing in a project.  Can't say that my mind was changed that much.  I did learn two things that makes the process a bit easier to achieve. 

First have a stylus.  It's a tool that helps to pull and hold fabric.  In the case with the circles it helps pull the bottom fabric to meet the top fabric and avoid puckers.  I used the instructor's wood stylus and just loved it.  Quilt in a Day did have a metal stylus, but I ended up with a Clover awl instead.  The awl is very similar except that the tip is sharper then the wood stylus.  It does have a great handle just like the one on their seam ripper.  I'm on the hunt for a wooden stylus to include in my "tool box". 

The second thing is to put the flat piece on the top of the piece that has to be eased in the most.  I'd always done this the opposite way so I could see the potential puckers, but as it turns out you have a tendency to want to manipulate the fabric too much.  You still need to pin (use five pins) starting from the center then both ends and then between these pins.  As long as you keep with the 1/4" seam those pesky puckers won't intrude into the stitching.  The stylus and the needle down also provide some extra holders.  I even got to the point of assembly line sewing.  Yep felt much more comfortable with the process at the end of the day.

I've got the borders to put on yet.  This is the class sample that I plan to use as well.  I've got enough of all the fabrics so I'm thinking I will use the three browns.  My project is very Zen like so I'm thinking it will be gifted to Tammy since she's got her bedroom decorated Zen.  Don't spill the beans.

So what's on your wall today?


Kathie said...

Love the quilt but don't think I would want to try the curves. Well maybe would be willing to try just one block!

Janet O. said...

Thanks for the info on the curved seams. Interesting--now I need a stylus.
The peek at your quilt looks very nice. I like the fabrics.

Vicki said...

Circles are pretty, and I find pretty hard to do with love and patience. SO I DON'T, very often. Lovely colors in your quilt.

Miri said...

Love your color combinations on this circle quilt. I enjoy doing curved piecing when the pieces are too small.

betty said...

Good job on explaining how to do the project. However, I think I have enough patterns to choose from that are not circles, ha ha lol

dstitcher said...

I, too, searched for the perfect stylus before finding my favorite. You may want to look at two by Pearl Periera. One is an applique stiletto w/ metal tip and wooden handle. The other is an all wooden applique & pressing tool on one end w/ tapered tip that might be suitable. Yes, I have the Clover awl, too. My "go to" tool, however, is the Collins bamboo stiletto from Joann's.

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler said...

That sounds like it was an advantageous class to take. Thanks for passing on some of the information you learned to make sewing circles easier. I never thought about using a stylus for quilting. I'm going to be on the lookout for one.

Have a super day!

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler