Thursday, July 7, 2011

A very short work week for me.  Too bad each week wasn't the same...imagine how much more sewing I could accomplish.  Oh well, for now and the immediate future it's what's to be.  But for now I'm going to relish the fact that this week was a holiday day on Monday, one day off on Tuesday, and a regularly scheduled Off Friday.  I'm certainly enjoying it now because come next Monday it's back to a full week of 9 hour days.

I've counted all the parts and pieces of my July UFO with Judy's Patchwork Times.  This month the Flax Flower was selected, it's #2.  As I mentioned in an earlier post this one was going to be a walk in the park.  It has just 74 pieces and only 13 Sections.  I'm planning on selecting fabrics for this block over the weekend.  The pattern is copied to the correct size for finishing at 6".  I'm all set to sew!  Kourageous is coming along quite nicely.
Kondor's Klutch is coming along nicely too.  This is Bonnie Hunter's Hawk's Nest design from her third book.  I've got the "nests" and the hour glass blocks all done and stitched together for the center of the quilt.  Next is the cheddar inner border.  I'll be using the lighter cheddar for this 1 1/4" border.  I've already started the 438 HST pieces...that is the cutting and marking.  I'll be working on the sewing over the weekend.  I've only got 58 of what is needed done.  Much more to go!

Hope you've had a great week so far.

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betty said...

I'm sure you will have it done in a couple of hours. Anixous to see the fabric picks for this one.