Wednesday, January 12, 2010

This is Clay's Choice the block made for Sunshine Quilt Guild's January BOM.  Participants were provided the dark blue fabric then add a jewel tone and background fabric.  Nice easy design--not the winner this month :(!

Old Tobacco Road has been named Kamel Kountry...I had a few suggestions for a "K" name...  I have to share a cute story I learned about from Dee.  Her DH spent about an hour trying to think of "K" words that went with tobacco.  He came up with Kentucky Burley, type of tobacco and Keg which was used to pack the tobacco in to transport to the processing plant.  Great ideas Bill!

Another decision reached is the focus fabric for the Star Struck workshop I will take with Bonnie Hunter next Sunday.  Overwhelmingly the suggested color is that hot pink.  I thought I was too far out of the box, but guess not.  Thanks for your comments.

So to conclude this post and get some sewing done...I finished up three of my "deadline items" that I listed on Monday.  Fortunately nothing was added too, which is a good thing.  Roll Roll, Cotton Boll Clue 7 still needs finishing and Clue 8 is waiting too.  Oh and I've got my UFO #6 to get to as little much to get done!

Have a wonderful rest of the week; happy sewing.


betty said...

Nice block, I could imagine a quilt with all those blocks. Sorry you didn't win. Really cute what Dee's husband said about a "K" name.

Kathie said...

That is a great block, maybe one day you will win one of the monthly blocks. I didn't make our last one, ran out of time but hope to make a couple for next month (heart blocks). Are you all ready for your house guest?