Friday, January 21, 2011

TGIF!  A superb one too because it's one of my OFF Fridays and Road to California Quilt Show is this weekend.  I'm leaving bright and early from San Diego for the not too far drive to Ontario to arrive when the doors open at 9:30am.  We'll check in at the show for our two workshops and then see the show.  Of course we'll have to visit the vendor mall.  I wonder what wonderful new things are out there to be scooped up!  I don't have anything particular that I'm looking for, but not likely that it will stop me from opening up my wallet... guaranteed!  Hope my stats don't look too bad when I post my Sunday Stash Report on Patchwork Times this week.

First workshop starts at 6pm and goes until midnight on Saturday!  It's sort of a Quilters Night Out this workshop the Lakeside Mystery II with Cathy Farris.  My fabrics are four different shades of gray and a goldish color.  We'll see what comes from this mystery project!

Second workshop is on Sunday from 8:30am until 4:30pm with Bonnie Hunter.  We'll be making her Star Struck design.  Mine will of course be scrappy fabrics with one constant hot pink as the accent.  Komet will be this quilts name.  Oh boy!  Just love Bonnie's designs and can hardly wait to start into this one.

I've continued working on Kottonwood Kurl (Roll Roll, Cotton Boll by Bonnie Hunter).  I'm on the assembly of the last pieced border.  I found in my stash what I'll be using for the inner border, yeah.  I'm also already pulling fabrics for the 10 1/2" blocks I'll need for the back.  Stash Users System all the way baby!!!!

I've got absolutely no progress to report on Kourageous UFO #6 Lily block.  It is waiting it's turn on my sewing table.  Rest assured that I'll make the end of January deadline!

Bonnie's stay with me this week was great.  She is just the person you'd think she'd be from all she writes.  If you happen to be at Road to California Quilt Show on Sunday make sure you stop by her classroom and wish her a Happy Birthday!


Marj said...

Just wishing that I was in California, but alas I am home in South Carolina. Can hardly wait to see how much fun you have at the show.

Gail said...

Sandy, wish I lived in southern Cal this week. Tonight it's barely 12 degrees out. Can't wait to see your mystery quilt with the grays and gold. I really like that combo.

Gail :)

P.S. Please with Bonnie a HB from me since I won't be there to do it in person1