Sunday Stash Report, January 9, 2011

The start of another week is upon us.  I'm quite anxious to sew today.  I've got so much to catch up with.  Today I start my morning with working on Clue 7 of Kotton (aka Roll Roll, Cotton Boll).

I have so many other projects in work and preparing for that I'm feeling somewhat frazzled.  I know you've been there too.  I've got Kotton going along with 1) Sunshine's BOM due Tuesday; 2) first 2011 UFO #6 project Kourageous due end of the month; 3) Clue 8 of Kotton waiting; 4) preparation of Star-Struck project due by 1/21; and 5) preparation of Lakeside Mystery II due by 1/21.  As you can see I am making some progress on all of them, but I'd sure like some of them to be done.  The one I want to work most is the one with no due date...don't you find that to often be the case.

Kotton Clue 7, 1st two of 30

UFO #6, Lakeside Mystery II, Star-Struck

Kotton Clue 8

Star-Struck and Lakeside Mystery II are the two workshops I'll be taking at Road to California Quilt Show in two weeks.  I need to find a fabric that goes with the two grays for the Lakeside Mystery II project that I'm hoping to use.  I will be using my Rosie's Gift Card received at Christmas for the purchase since my stash doesn't have anything that will work.  Star-Struck will be another scrappy project that my stash will certainly accommodate.

So my numbers this week are as they were last week.  This will change as soon as I can get some things done!

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 26 yards
Purchased this week: 0 yards
Purchased YTD: 0 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2011: 26 yards

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Kathie said...

Sounds like you are trying to do to much all at once!!! I do admire how neat your sewing area looks.

Karen (Misiz C) said...

Oh thanks for reminding me.... I have to start doing something more than just thinking about fabric choices for the Jared Takes a Wife workshop on the 20th. And I know what you mean about wanting to work on the ones with no deadline. I want to work on RRCB too but I need to finish a custom customer quilt. =P See you at Canyon... I have to work this Tues. Can't wait to see your RRCB!