Sunday Stash Report, January 16, 2010

So how's your stash being reduced this week?  Mine NOT!  I'm still working on my Kotton (aka Roll Roll, Cotton Boll by Bonnie Hunter).  Yes I know the last Clue was released a couple of weeks ago, but work and preparing for a special house guest have been my priorities of late.  The weather has been beautiful this weekend and continues this way through Monday.  Just perfect for my guest who is coming from the East Coast.

Clue 7 is what I've been able to work on during the week.  I'm trying to get it finished before I move on to errands of the day and the 5:44pm arrival of my East Coast guest.  Here's where I am this morning.

I have one more vertical row to sew together and then it's time to sew the rows together.  Trim the edges to 1/4" and a finish to Clue 7.  You can see from my sewing table that Clue 8 parts are waiting me next.

Kourageous lily block that is my UFO #6 with Patchwork Times is ready next.  I hope to get to this later this week.  I've got time to sew this week after Tuesday.  This block needs to finish by the end of the month.  Plenty of time...

I'm going to close this report with no change from last week.  The weekend ahead is Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, California.  I'll be taking two workshops.  One is the Lakeside Mystery II (the purchase this week) on Saturday night.  This will be fun sewing from 6pm to midnight with Cathy Farris and a bunch of fun loving quilters.  I've got my kit ready to go that included some precutting and sewing.  This one will be in four shades of gray ranging from light to dark and an accent burnt gold.  The other workshop is with Bonnie Hunter on Sunday where she takes us through Star Struck (mine to be called Komet).  For this project I'll be using scarps...did you expect anything different?  I have the darkest strips from a Bali Pops butterscotch pack along with light beige strips for the neutral background and a hot pink for the accent.  The weekend ahead is sure to be fun.

Come visit me again tomorrow and I'll reveal who my special house guest is.  It is someone all of you know!  Okay, I'll give you a small clue...She's coming from North Carolina. 

The purchase this week was for the fabric need for the Lakeside Mystery II workshop.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 26 yards
Purchased this week: 3 yards
Purchased YTD: 3 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2011: 26 yards
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Barb in Mi said...

Once more I am stunned at your super clean sewing area - how do you do this? Your Kotton looks beautiful!
Wohooo, is your house guest B.H.? Enjoy your time together!

Tamera said...

Your Kotton is coming along beautifully!

betty said...

I know, I know tee hee. Have a great time!

Life Takes a Turn said...

I like the very crisp contrast you got on your RRCB. Mine is a little more mushy.

Stash report: Math doesn't add up for me. Shouldn't your NET be 23 yards? Not throwing stones, as mine is NEGATIVE this week and YTD!