Design Wall Monday, January 24, 2011

Tonight I'm posting my Design Wall Monday entry.  Yes, I'm a little behind since the weekend was having fun in Ontario at the Road to California Quilt Show.  All of these projects are not on my design wall because the wall is just not big enough.  And one you'll notice is on the floor, again because it's too big. 

Let me start with the project that demands my attention if I'm to get it done in the allotted time.  January 31st is looming, beyond pulling fabric and reproducing the foundation pattern I have not done a thing.  This is the first of several blocks that will make Kourageous.  #6 was selected and that means the Lily block.  I'll be making most of the flower with animal skin themed fabrics.

I've decided on the brownish black print batik to use as the quilts common background.  The Lily block will use the very first black and white cheetah print at least I think its a cheetah (closest to the bottom of the photo) along with the smallest zebra print, third gray (working from the bottom of the photo), the first dark gray and the next two greens.  The pattern has lots of itty bitty pieces...taking a breath right here!  Come back later this week and I'll have a progress report.
Komet IS on my Design Wall (door), but only a small portion of it.  If you know Bonnie Hunter you know what I'm talking about.  Bonnie likes them big!  This is Bonnie Hunter's Star Struck design.  This one is third in my queue to work on. 

Lakeside Mystery II is pictured next and fourth in the sewing queue.  Most of this was assembled during the workshop.  Notice the quilt is a medallion quilt.  The center will be an applique design called "Orange Blossom" (Fig. 12) which is one of the patterns Cathy Farris provided in the pattern.  The dark circles will be where I'll use Texture Magic.  It will be a first for me to use the product so I'll take you through the journey with me.  I've got the final three borders cut already; they'll be the medium dark gray, the light gray, and finally that BEAUTIFUL dark gray batik.  Not sure what fabrics will go into the applique; I'll figure that out as the project moves along.  I am considering black for the dark circles to really give it some punch.  Are there enough details for you to start considering a "K" name for this project?

If you were counting my projects you might be wondering about what's second in my sewing queue.  I've just got to get back to Kotton my Roll Roll, Cotton Boll Bonnie Hunter Mystery that's just finished.  I'm so close but my January 31st deadline demands my attention--you never know what surprises might come along!

See other Design Walls that were posted at Patchwork Times with the link on my side bar.  Happy Sewing!


Anonymous said...

Your quilts are lovely. I especially like the border on the Lakeside mystery quilt - I've never seen that before. Your lily with greys and lime greens is sure to look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love those limey/kelley greens with the black and white prints. How do you get the medallion in the center of the Lakeside Mystery Quilt? Is it appliqued?

I love Bonnie's Star Struck quilt and it's on my "To Do" list of projects too.

Gail :)

Kathie said...

Love your starstruck quilt.