Thursday, January 6, 2011

Missed posting at mid week as I'd like, but one day late isn't too bad.  I have been very busy "at the job that pays my bills" :(.  I've had no time to get home before dark and even exercise.  So honestly I'm not slacking, just too busy and then too tired to do much more.  But, this work week has concluded as tomorrow is my bi-weekly day off...YIPPEE!

I have been hand sewing and watching a couple of movies with DH.  Viewed and thoroughly enjoyed Knight and Day on Monday and Sorcerers Apprentice on Wednesday.  Tonight after cleaning up from dinner I'm catching up on my blog.  The hand sewing has Kollette finished except label and is now hanging in my hallway.  Nice spring like looking design.  Kollette is one of my UFO Pattern projects from 2010.  I've also been hand sewing and should finish tonight Katerpillar which is one of my UFO Projects from 2010.


Roll Roll, Cotton Boll (my Kottonwood Kurl) has been boiling since Sunday on Clue 7.  I've got some of it done, but not nearly enough to be ready for the final Clue 8 that Bonnie will release tomorrow morning during the wee hours of the morning.  With a little bit of luck I'm targeting to be done with Clue 7 and a significant start on Clue 8 by days end on Friday.

No progress at all on my Kourageous, #6 2011 UFO with Patchwork Times...well unless you want to call pulling the fabrics I plan to use and preparing the foundation pattern on paper.  This one will be a doozy as it has really itty bitty pieces where my add 1/8" ruler will definitely be needed.  I have been busy online purchasing some additional flower patterns to add to my "jungle".

Last but not least is my BOM for Sunshine Quilt Guild that meets on Tuesday evening of next week that I've not even removed from the baggie it came to me in.

I sure am glad that this is a three day weekend for me....  I'll add pictures a bit later of Kollette and Katerpillar.  With a little luck the finish of Clue 7 and progress on Clue 8 on Kottonwood Kurl.  The BOM deadline is looming so it will find it's way into my sewing weekend madness.

Hope your week has been more productive in the sewing room than mine.


Kathie said...

Hope you get plenty of time to sew today and over the weekend, don't want to go into "quilt withdrawl"

Betty said...

Ah Ha, finally all that caught up with you. You just had so much on your plate at once. With Friday off you'll be right back on top of it all. Hang in there.

Kathie said...

You asked where my purple went? First I will have to buy purple. It is my favorite color but believe it or not I don't have any to use. Right now I want to get UFO #6 out of the way before I go back to Twin Sister which will have the purple sashing.

Tiffaney said...

I think I made the same As the Geese Fly kit that you did. Your finish is stunning. I am very scared of messing mine up with I quilt it. Wonderful Job!