Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I'm looking for opinions on the borders for Kourageous...

This is the solid piece 2nd border.  What you see are the unfinished measurements.  It would be skinnier when sewn together.  The finished size will make it closer to the measurement of the finished units in the setting blocks.

This border option would finish:
Border 1 = 1.5"
Border 2 = .75"
Border 3 = 2"

The one below is the pieced HST 2nd border.  Again you see unfinished measurements.  The HSTs would finish at 1.5" that is the same size as the corner HSTs in the setting blocks.  I would make these units similar in color as the few I've sewn together.  The white three are really a very pale green (the lighting not so good).

This border option would finish:
Border 1 = 1.5"
Border 2 = 1.5"
Border 3 = 2"

I think once the HSTs are seen at the finished size they will look very different.  Can you picture them being the same size as the setting blocks HST corners?  I could also change the orientation of the HSTs with the black towards the center.  Didn't think of this when taking the photos urgh!

So what do you think...


Nancy J said...

I like the solid border, not competing with those fabulous pieces in the quilt itself.And the teal picks up on that in the quilt too. Just my choice.

KaliaContiki said...

Love them both, but I like the solid pieced border better as well. The blocks are so busy, the border is a nice break. Love the flowers!

Shelly said...

I also like the solid border better. The pieced border emphasizes the setting blocks instead of the flower blocks, which is not what you want.

Janet O. said...

Wonderful options! The HST border looks much better than the tipped spools did, and would work, if you absolutely want a pieced border. But I also vote for the straight border. It provides a lovely, calm framework to showcase those incredible flowers and the magical setting squares!

kwiltnkats said...

Thanks everyone for voicing your opinion. As I put the two options up on the design wall I knew almost right away that the solid pieced border was winning my vote. I can see this March UFO being complete on time! Sandi

Betty said...

love it, the flowers so very nice, this will be a super show piece.