Design Wall Monday, March 13, 2017

January 2017 UFO
By golly I think I have my January UFO finished!  It took all day Sunday with mono filament thread and stabilizer, but the deed is done.  I will go over it tonight to make sure I caught everything just to be certain.  I am catching up...  You will have to enjoy the back as I have been doing.
Looks like a skeleton image.  Too funny!

So now on to March UFO.  These are all the throwaways from just one of the setting blocks.  I'm having a debate on the greens to use.  I want the flowers to be what strikes; so I am hoping to down play the setting blocks.
I am leaning towards the darker greens.  I think the tones being cooler offer the pop I'm looking for.  Maybe I need to make a bright green one just to get more visual.
March 2017 UFO
I have been moving the one block around between the flowers that have all the greens. One block is complete...tell me what you think please.

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Lynette said...

Oh!!! I love that setting block with those flower pieces!! The green is so nice, and the scrappiness adds movement without popping ahead of the flowers. :) And yes - the white skeleton is super fun.

Janet O. said...

Congrats on your finish! I'll bet that feels good!
Wonderful setting block! It has a subtle glow that enhances, rather than detracts from, the flower blocks.
This may sound strange, but I have been to a museum exhibit where the artifacts were so rare and special that the display had very careful lighting. Everything was displayed on a black backdrop and the lighting seemed to make the artifacts float above the black. It was kind of other-wordly. This setting block makes me think of that experience. I think you have made the perfect choice!

Nancy J said...

The skeleton could be a stand-out all on its own. The setting block, perfect, enough colour to be seen, not to much to be distracting, and the greens co-ordinate so well.

Betty said...

Congrads on Kastaway, well done. Very cute, thought it might need more stars but lovely the way it is, good job.

I like the setting on the flower blocks, don't change anything, it is perfect. That will be one that you will be happy to have finished. You worked hard on that one. Lovely

Shelly said...

I like the selection of greens. I agree, they are not too bright and it seems to be working well. Can't wait to see more.