Design Wall Monday, March 27, 2017

Kissin' Korner 2
2017 UFO
This post is a bit late, but Dancing With The Stars was on last night.  Not to mention that DH had pulled out a new recipe from the Sunday paper that I had all ingredients to make.  Time slipped by...

The second Kissin' Korner 2 (design by Bonnie Hunter, Kiss in the Corner) is on my wall.  The sashing and setting triangles need stitching to finish this project.  I have 120 of the 168 finished.

Using nothing but Stash is awesome!  Likely these last 2" strips will get me to that 168 unit requirement.  Kissin' Korner had yellow setting triangles; thinking about blue for this project.

On Saturday from Kerry's I brought home two gift quilts.  Karen needed a new king for her bed, so Kloggs was made.  Black binding is planned for this one.

Don't you just love the feather quilting design?

Mom needed a twin for her multi-purpose room (guest/office/sewing room).  My parents love a patriotic quilt so Kozy Korners was made.

I'm not so certain what color the binding fabric should be at the moment.  Red, gold, and blue are all options...

I hope your week goes exactly as you hope it will.  Check out more projects through the links at Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

Sandi, do you ever take a break?? One great project after another just keeps hopping up onto your design wall! It is fun to watch. : )

Betty said...

I love the (my) quilt. I am leaning toward navy (first choice) and gold as my second choice.
Not to happy with the red, I want the binding to blend in because the top is so lovely. However, you have the quilt in your hands and what ever you decide on I will be more than happy to accept. Love you