Design Wall Monday, March 6, 2017

March 2017 UFO
March brings another UFO needing my attention.  As long as it has taken to incubate, a friend of mine helped me with a sashing design to pull all of these wild unusual flowers together.  I made the flowers one each month as a UFO project in 2011.  Look real close at these flowers.  They are constructed with animal theme prints.  I hunted around for wildish flowers designs too.  The bright greens in the stems and leaves were also calculated.  My sashing will have bright greens and the black/brown background.  I am excited and anxious to see this project come together.
January 2017 UFO
I will, truly I will, get back to Kastaway this month.  I have all of what is needed, as I have been telling myself recently.  Time to let the hot air out for this cute kitty to start her adventure.

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Lynette said...

Each of these projects is fun. I love the animal prints in the floral blocks! Can't wait to see them put together. :)

Janet O. said...

I began following you while you were working on Kourageous. I remember loving these flowers. Can't wait to see how you make them come together!

Nancy J said...

The sashing will suit the blocks so well, and the next quilting will be lots of fun.

Betty said...

Good to see you working on your two UFOs. Not like you not having something tucked away and no finished. Looking forward to seeing the finishes of both of these.