Design Wall Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 March UFO
The setting blocks are finished...  Loving this project.  The blocks each measure 6" finished.  I will be calculating the pieces it took to put this project together you can bet on it.

These are just a couple of close ups.  Next up deciding on a border.  My friend suggested the one below.  I tried to look at it with the fabrics "not cut".  The spacing isn't exactly correct, but a good idea can be realized.

I'd like to try something a bit more pieced.  So I went to a Bloc Loc Border Book picked up at Road to California Quilt Show this past January.  I really like Rocket to the Moon.  It is the top quilt layout that has me excited.  I did a couple of blocks to see how it might look.  More would need to be sewn before I can tell.  I am thinking at the moment that the scale is off.  Opinions?

Of course there is always just a single green border, but this just isn't my style =^.^=
The design wall is still a design wall...right?  See other projects through the links at Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

Wow--this looks SO good!!
As to the border--the pieced border looks like tipped thread spools to me. Doesn't seem to fit the quilt, IMHO. I would suggest trying more of the flying geese or HSTs in the darker teal and blue/green shades--or even a very narrow straight border in one of those colors, with a wider black outer border. I feel like the center is so complex, the border shouldn't be too busy or it will compete for attention. Just me thinking out loud. You always discover what looks best, as I'm sure you will for this. : )

kwiltnkats said...

Janet, I discovered what you did about this border. Indeed they do look like tipped thread spools. I too, as I was laying in bed still all involved in the design, thought about the very two ideas you relay. I thought of HSTs as done on Kool - here's a link to it The bright yellow green, although in the quilt, might not be the best for the border. Thank you for helping me settle on two that were floating around in my mind. Sandi

Debra Broyles said...

I like the 1st border - the one with all 3 as solid colors. I think it makes the blocks pop. Beautiful, as always, quilt. Love it.