Design Wall Monday, April 6, 2015

I have two projects on my Design Wall.  Above is my April UFO project.  I have the rest of the pieces cut out and plan to finish up the sewing early this week.  This is Barbara Brackman's Checkered Past design.  I've made the squares 2" rather than 2 1/2" to make the finished size a bit smaller than the 65" x 65" finish of her design.  It will get a black border and binding with a gray back.  It is going so fast that it may be done this weekend.

Kwill is turning out nice too.  I did have to adjust the called for size of the four brown batik squares to make it work.  I have to put the last border in place and this project by Donna Lynn Thomas called Batik Feathers will be done.

I have to have time during this month to dream up my Sunshine Quilt Guild Clue Challenge since it is due in May.  I have a "murderer", a "room", and a "weapon"!  Chatted a bit with my sister about ideas and I have a start in mind...  Won't be able to share much until after the competition!

I hope your Easter was what you wanted it to be.  It was a beautiful cool and breezy day in San Diego.  DH cooked a pork roast on the barbecue while I roasted fingerling potatoes, steamed fresh green beans, and sliced up some strawberries for dessert.  If you find time today see other quilters playing in their sewing rooms through the links at


Nancy J said...

Kwill is a beauty, that border fabric sets it off so well, you are super prolific, when I look at what I haven't finished, far less started, never mind, always another time, when everyone here is fit and well once again. I live in hope and faith for this.

Betty said...

Golly Kwill is really nice, again your colors are so great. Kurosity is also a nice one, the purple really stands out. Wow, your challenge is going to be a good one, lol, good luck

Kerry's Quilting said...

Wow your were busy this weekend. Both projects are looking good!

Janet O. said...

Kuriosity is coming together very quickly--love the purple and black!
Kwill is very pretty. That border fabric is perfect!

Nann said...

Feathered Star is on my want-to-do list. I like Kwill very much. And the scrappy stars are tempting,too.

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Hello again! I enjoyed seeing Checkered Past at the Quilters Show and Tell UFO Challenge this morning, and surprise! Here it is again. Beautiful. I'm curious about the upcoming Clue quilt. Interesting concept. Have a super day!