Design Wall Monday, November 2, 2020


The start of my next 2020 UFO, Starburst Strings by Myra Mahy of Country Faces.  The project as designed finishes 40" x 48", but I might just make mine a bit smaller.

I was totally excited to find red string blocks in my drawer of leftover blocks that can be trimmed down to fit.  I will need to make the white/red string blocks and this is just a sampling of the fabrics that will be used.  I can't tell you how long those white/red fabrics have been a part of my stash!

I pulled out a bunch of red 1 1/2" strips in various lengths to get variety in the center of each block.  This project will go faster than trying to figure out a "K" name =^.^=

Since I was working with reds...that camouflage kitty needed to be fixed and I was determined to use the black and white cat.  Much better!  Now to use the Micky Mouse background...  This project is going to be quick to put together too once I find the right gray for the sashing.

Last I pulled out Fall colors for making the Sunshine October block.  The blacks will be used for the backgrounds.  More on this later in the week.  For now enjoy November!

4 comments: said...

I love string quilts. Amazing how strips can make lovely blocks. Look forward to seeing the finished project said...

Love the cat block.

Janet O. said...

That was a fun find to already have string blocks you could use. I love the look of strings, but would rather not make them. :)
When I look at the blocks I think of Kollisions or Krosswalks.
I like that kitty

Lynette said...

Oh! Those starbust string blocks sure are cool! And the kitty cat!!! Love it so very much. :)