Saturday, November 8, 2014

Koncentric Konnection
Here's where I've paused for a bit.  I have all the designs made now.  Only one I'm not too crazy about is the small orange block on the far right; may have to replace it.  In the meantime though I'm putting the rings together I have about a third of them done.

Today is Buggy Barn day, YIPPEE!!!  These are the fabrics that will go into my PIZZA BOX!!!  I'll be making Crazy As A Bird Dog.  I'm going to thoroughly miss the designs the two sisters of Buggy Barn won't be creating in the future.  I'll show photos tomorrow on what I was able to create after my five hour workshop today.  (I only had to purchase the two of the blue felted wools...excited about this.)
Krazy Koons


Janet O. said...

It is an amazing quilt you have going there. Even if that one block isn't your favorite, it isn't like it stands out. But do what will make you happy!
Do you know why the Buggy Barn gals are calling it quits?

Betty said...

Looks good, you will figure it out for the right look, you have that talent. Enjoy the Buggy Barn Classes and I will talk to you tomorrow. hugs