Design Wall Monday, November 3, 2014

Koncentric Konnection has lots of progress.  I'm pretty certain I'll be making three more to complete the center block.  Take a good look and let me know if you think a different block design should go there instead.  I have two small blocks to make yet.  One of them will be the #3 design.  I want to get more of the checkerboard design in the project.  Not sure if the final small block will be #1 or #5.  I will be sharing my decision soon with pictures.  I had this project selected as my October UFO, but couldn't get it done so it was switched with #3.  Then #3 was called for November.  So once again I'm pushing to have this more switching!!  The pattern is called Beauty 'n Check by Janice Ellertson and Jodel Yover.
These fabrics are the start of what I'll need for the two Buggy Barn designs that I will use in a workshop on Saturday at Paradise Sewing in Poway.  I have more fabrics to dig out of my stash yet.  Both of the designs Knick Knack Paddy Wack and Crazy As A Bird Dog are in this book,  Fortunately I have two pizza boxes!  More on these two projects next Monday.  Oh, I have some great names thanks to my sister.  Knick Knack Paddy Wack was just named today Kanine Karnivores  and Crazy As A Bird Dog will be Krazy Koons.

Have fun sewing!


Janet O. said...

Not sure I grasped what you were saying--are you planning to make three of the same block as you already have in the unfinished middle? I think having the one central block be all the same style would be a nice resting place with all of the amazing busy-ness going on around it. This is a mind-boggling quilt, Sandi. You never cease to amaze me.
Oh, your Sis is a good namer. I was going to suggest Kanine Kapers for the Paddy Whack quilt, but I'm sure you will have more doggy quilts down the road, so I will try to keep it in mind. Or have you already used that one? : )

Betty said...

That was another good name to add to your K list, good job Janet O.
You are on your own on that puzzle, I know you will pick the right one.