Tuesday, August 26, 2014

aka Playing With Jacks
31"x 33"
August 2014 UFO #8

My UFO for this month was finished earlier this month.  It is a pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  It is available FREE on her website if you are interested in making it.  I made mine with leftover HSTs.  I only needed to cut new the solid red squares, inner and outer borders.  I was lucky with this one being able to use every bit (even the batting) from my stash.  Mine is smaller than what Bonnie's pattern called out.  The pattern suggests 2 1/2" squares and HST units, but I used 2" instead.

It looks like Kerry from Kerry's Quilting will have Kings for me when I get back from my vacation.  Kerry is working to have all of the Bonnie Hunter quilts quilted for when Bonnie comes to our area in early October.  (Those who follow Bonnie's schedule know that there is always a load of her projects to show her from all her admirers.)  Kerry has two of mine Kings and Kootenay Kabins and several of her own yet to quilt.  I also have a UFO in the queue for 2014 that is a Bonnie Hunter design called Fourth of July! (I'm going to call mine Kadence).  Just maybe it will be September's UFO giving Kerry yet another...  Boy am I keeping her longarm busy!
Kootenay Kabins
aka Smith Mountain Morning
So how many of you have Bonnie Hunter designs on your list of designs to make?  How many do you have?  I have at least 8, but don't get me looking at any of her patterns because I'm certain there are others not included in the 8.  And you know Bonnie hasn't stopped designing...there's that annual mystery that starts in November...

Hope you stop by 52Quilts and see more of the Twelve in 2014 on September 1st.  Aunt Marti can really put on a wonderful parade of quilts.


Janet O. said...

Another beauty, Sandi! How lucky to have all of the HSTs on hand!
I have made 4 Bonnie patterns and I have another in the works. There is one I am planning to make in miniature eventually, but it will be a while before I get to it.

Betty said...

Kootenay Kabins is very nice. I am sure Bonnie Hunter will be impressed. Good Job.