Sunday Stash Report, August 24, 2014

 It is a splendid weekend in San Diego.  The weather has just been wonderful; not too hot for our near the coast home and cool enough for great sleeping.  I'll admit I stayed in bed a little longer this morning...  Nice!

I've been getting ready for my visit to Maryland.  The two small projects above need perle cotton stitching that I'll do on the long plane ride East.  The blocks are Buggy Barn designs leftover from their main projects (If The Hat Fits and Til' The Cows Come Home) that have been stashed away for a little while.  The perle cotton stitching will be on the moon and a motion swirl from the tip of the witch's hat to the star along with the lashes, pupils, and nostrils of the cows.  I also plan to stitch the eyes of the birds from my current Bird Brain project.
 I haven't spent much time except cutting the second stack of fabrics for my Bird Brain project.  I have been tackling my rug instead.  The top rows are the correct way to weave this project.  You may recall that Tiffany started weaving for her first time in July when she visited.  She got pretty far along and I picked up from where she left off.  Got to the midway point before realizing that the weaving was wrong. :(!  So as I weave the right way I'm pulling out the wrong.  The bottom rows all need to come out.  Thankfully I can use what is being removed.  Can you see the difference in the weave?
Nothing has changed either way with my stash.  Frankly I don't see that happening too much in the next couple of weeks unless my September UFO needs something.  Enjoy your week ahead.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  154 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  133.5 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2014:  20.5 yards


Betty said...

wow, that is a lot to do over. Sorry you didn't catch it sooner.Hope you were able to use some of the green that I sent you, it looks like you have a bit to go.

Janet O. said...

Cute little projects from your leftovers, Sandi. They will be good travel work.
How disheartening to have to redo all that weaving. It has been so many years since I tried my hand at that--don't know that I even remember how.