Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Already the middle of the week. Sure seemed to go by fast, but Monday being Labor Day and a day off made it so. Okay certainly by me. Two more days of work after today and the weekend will be here. Don't you just love short weeks? Unfortunately, a long five day week is right around the corner :(.

Monday was a great sewing day that I got lots done toward my current project Koala (still playing with this name....). I cut into more of my green stash as the already Scrap Users System was depleted of green 2 1/2" strips. Can you hear excitement? I had to do this pretty much from the beginning for the 2 1/2" strips of neturals and tans. I cut up neutral stash that I've had since 2007 when I purchased for Katastrophic Kraze. Can you hear excitement yet? I've put together both blocks for Koala and I'm liking what I see. (There are lots more put together that aren't in this photo.) I've not been counting yet so I may have more than I need of the triangle shape in the green that becomes the hour glass unit used in all three star, modified puss, and border blocks--but that is okay because my quilting buddy is making the same Bonnie Hunter My Blue Heaven! pattern and will happily accept any of them I don't need.Not sure if I'll be far enough along to claim stash used on Sunday from Koala. I didn't get an opportunity to sew last night since work claimed an additional two hours of my day. I've had time only to put labels on Kupkake, Kastanets and Flip Flops.

Haven't received Kufflinks back fabric from Hancock's of Paducha yet. Hopefully my quilter also my quilting buddy (aka Kerry of Kerry's Quilting) will have a batting large enough for Krimson Khat or that will be a purchase I'll need to take care of this weekend.
The 29th annual San Diego Quilt Show is next week Wednesday, 9/15 Preview Night with the Show Thursday, 9/16 through Saturday, 9/18. Quilt turn in is Monday, 9/13 which starts my involvement. I've got Karmel Kolors, Kool, and Karnations Karnival entered and offered for sale. Sunday, 9/19 is pick up--wish me luck that I'll have less to bring home than I dropped off!
Note: Flip Flops, Kufflinks, and Krimson Khat can be seen on earlier posts. Links to Bonnie Hunter's My Blue Heaven! can be found on earlier posts too.

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