Sunday Stash Report, September 12, 2010

Good Morning All

I had a very busy work week which unfortunately led to not too much sewing time. By the time you finish an eleven hour day, make dinner, clean and put away dishes and tidy up little time is left in the day. 6:00 am comes early for me. I did get in several hours yesterday which resulted in 87 of the 696 hour glass components that will be needed for Koala.
I received the fabric ordered for Kufflinks from Hancock's of Paducah on Friday. Just as perfect a fit for Kufflinks as I'd hoped for. I'm always a little bit apprehensive that the color online is representative of the actual fabric when it arrives. Preparing it for the back was the first seam taken Saturday. Now the package is complete and ready for quilting. It's first in my queue at Kerry's Quilting.

Since I'm still busy with Koala I'm not posting as fabric used. I'll be showing 20 1/2 yards when the time comes. This week will be a busy one with Sunshine Quilters meeting on Tuesday evening and the San Diego Quilt Show Preview Night on Wednesday evening. Looks like I'll have opportunity for sewing today and a couple of days during the week. I'm progressing pretty well as I've got a lot of the components complete. It's just those wonderful 609 hour glass components that looms ahead. They do go very fast though. I'll post a picture of Koala later today.

So here's my numbers for this fine day in September.

Used this week: 0 yardsUsed YTD: 70.25 yardsPurchased this week: 6 yardsPurchased YTD: 6 yardsNet Fabric Used in 2010: 64.25 yards
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Kathie said...

Glad your fabric turned out to be the color you wanted it to be.

Wow 11 hour days, surprised you even managed to quilt yesterday, I would be sacked out.

Penny said...

Wait! You mean the 6 yards you purchased this week is the first fabric you have purchased all year? Oh my. I am blown away. You must have such self control. I am glad it is what you wanted. Have fun at the quilt show and fondle some fabric. You deserve it.