Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump Day! The rest is all down hill. Gosh with the first part of September having four work day weeks this one has been tough. Since the day light is getting shorter after getting home from work, I've started back up on my morning exercise...rise and shine and out on the pavement at 6:20a this morning. I'll have to admit that it's nice coming home and not having to rush to beat the sunset.
Koala is ready for final assembly. I've got all the puss and star blocks done and pretty certain all the hour glass blocks for the border ready to go. I will use the tan paisley print for my inner border that was pictured in the last blog post. I did go back and remove the "not reading green" corner unit in that puss block. Went through the rest of the blocks and removed it everywhere. This one was a blue green that just had to be removed when I noticed how much it popped out after taking the photo. I'll probably do this again when I have it all laid out to make sure nothing else pops out that I hadn't expected. I've also got most of my 10 1/2" squares of green cut and ready to assemble for the back.
I've been considering my next project and decided to work on two. One is to be called Kollette. I've chosen this name because it sounds femine and Spring like. Kollette is a pattern called As the Geese Fly by Cozy Quilt Designs. I'm told that it is a combined effort of Cozy Quilts, Amidon Quiltworks, and Quilt In A Day. I purchased the pattern in 2009 and then in 2010 found the kit of all Batiks at 50% off. Needless to say at that price it came home with me. This project is on my challenges 2010 UFO Patterns that happens to be the last one to complete on the list. My second project is my last 2010 UFO Projects quilt to complete. It will be named for the event that made it come about 2009 Kruisin' Kwilt. During the San Diego Cruisin' Quilters Shop Hop held March 7 -14, 2009 each participating shop passed out a free block pattern (it's done every year). 2009's event theme was stars. I'm still trying to decide on fabric colors, but it will be scrappy as I want to continue using my stash. Sorry no photo of this one as I'll be figuring it's layout along the way.

Time to get back to Koala. I'll be posting again on Sunday with my Stash Report.

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betty said...

Very nice. Wow! you just about have all your UFOs done????? That is great. Soon you will be able to start fresh with new ideas etc. This quilt is so nice, but all those half squares. UGH!