Design Wall Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day. I hope like me most of you have a day off from work and are enjoying your sewing room. I've got a barbecue planned for dinner. We'll cook up some rib eyes for the two of us.

I'm deciding between two names for my current project. It will be either Kuite Kontent or Koala...or maybe neither... I'm looking for a name that represents something from either the colors I'll use that are green and neutrals with a little tan (this is where Koala comes into consideration) or something derived from the pattern's name My Blue Heaven (a stretch but Kuite Kontent plays in here). I've got so many greens in my stash that it must be tamed!

I sucumbed to a purchase this week. I've got Kufflinks (Lyn Mann pattern called Chain Reaction) at my quilters waiting for a back since early this year. This quilt project has had some unfortunate luck with finding one. I found the 6 yards needed online through Amazon; placed an order and it never came...not happy! Turns out it wasn't available any longer, but I didn't learn about this for sometime. Tried again through Sew Batik which is one of my favorite places to get batiks). I quickly learned that the fabric I selected was not available at this time, but would be around December if I wanted to wait. Oh darn, strike two for Kufflinks. Then the wonderful Hancock's of Paducah catalog arrived and shorthly thereafter an email sale announcement...both haunting me... I found a Moda Frost Ice fabric that was perfect for would they have enough? So I called them, checked stock and placed an order. Let's hope its not strike three!

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Pieces of Time said...

I love the design of the squares carrying into the border. Great idea.

Pat said...

I have a *My Blue Heaven* started in blues/tans~like Bonnie's!

Kathie said...

Can't tell enough about "blue heaven" to know what it is going to look like but interesting so far. I LOVE the other quilt top, good luck getting it done!!

scraphappy said...

I'm horrid with names, but I love the Heaven blocks. The colors all look great together. Good luck with taming the stash.

AnnieO said...

I usually don't find a name for quilts until at least halfway through. Looking very good.

QuiltSwissy said...

I love naming quilts. Sometimes the names are very easy to com by. Love the Kufflinks name!