Wednesday, July 30, 2014

UFO Complete!

July 2014 UFO #12
Kurly Kats
71" x 87"
Honestly I wasn't quite sure I'd get my project done this month.  I really waited way to long to start.  I had to find and purchase nearly all the fabrics.  The stripe was by far the hardest.  Beverly's in Kearny Mesa on Balboa Avenue was where I was lucky to find it.  There were 13 FQs required, so I picked up a bunch of them at there too.  The rest were found in my stash.  Paradise Sewing is where I found the black print.  My border isn't as wide as the pattern called for; therefore the overall size of the quilt is just a bit smaller.  It comes down to how wide the repeat is on your stripe.  I did a pretty good job with matching the stripes in the mitered corners...don't look too close though!

The snails trail block piecing was the time consuming part of the design.  I only messed up one during its sewing.  There are enough pieces cut that I was able to get around this without taking it a part.  One cat block is left when you put the top together.  I'll do as the pattern suggests and use this as a label.  I just might have something in my stash for the back; I'm hoping so.
The design is called Kool Kats Kwilt by Patti Carey for Northcott.  My project will be called Kurly Kats.

I'm ready for August's UFO.  This time I hope it is one that I have already done...or at least started.  Tune in on Friday, August 1st if you want to see all the other finishes through the links of 52quilts.


Janet O. said...

I think you put this quilt together while I was blinking! Your mitered corner looks great! Even though I took a class on how to do the miter, and the two quilts I have made that way turned out fine, I still shy away from them. : )

Jennifer said...

Wow, that was fast! What a fun quilt.

Aunt Marti said...

It looks great! I pieced this design a few years ago -- it must be buried in the "quilt me!" pile.

Kate said...

It looks great! I made mine in Civil War reproductions - such a fun pattern. Love them kitties.

Betty said...

Really turned out super. Love those mitered corners, however, glad that it was you and not me. The color combination is terrific and the stripe border really sets it off.

captainhook said...

Love the pattern! Your quilt looks great, and the stripes are wonderful.