Thursday, July 24, 2014

I decided to finish off the star border.  So another round of 2 1/2 " sashing with the finishing star tips has been sewn into place.  The quilt measures 47" square.  I think it's perfect for the space we planned for it to go; on the wall in the dining of the retreat facility.  Sue brought in more of the neutral for the back during the week.  Kerry will get it next for the quilting.  When she is done Bonnie will get it for the binding.  Blue that matches the stars is still set aside for that.

I've been working the last couple of nights on my second rug.  The breeze by the window as I weave is wonderful during these last few very warm San Diego evenings.  One more day this week before the happy dancing can start.  After all the time I've been taking off lately with family visiting this has been one very long five day week.  I'm sure glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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Betty said...

Sure like the way the wall hanging turned out. Just amazing that those individual blocks made by each of us turned out so nice. Good job finishing it up.