Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Progress on my Smith Morning Mountain project!  I'm loving this project.  I've got all the main blocks completed.  There were two designs with the star blocks done in two color schemes.  The star block is either blue with brown corners or brown with blue corners.  The log cabin block is the same, but rotated different depending on the row.  Next up is the pieced border...

I have the brown pieces cut for the border pieces, blue and neutral yet to go.  I wanted to get a couple on the design wall to get a good feel for it.  They finish the same size as the pieces in the star blocks; the difference that you see with the lining up will go away once the pieces are sewn together.  This project is the one I was working on at the retreat just a couple of weeks ago.  I'll be putting sewing on hold for a week as my niece is coming for a visit.  

Tiffany arrives tomorrow excited!  Last time she was here was 2000.  Back then we went to the water park, Sea World and the Safari Park.  This year our first day will be the Gas Lamp, Old Town, Seaport Village and the Big Bay Boom to bring in Independence Day.  I hope I can keep up!  Maybe she'll have to deal with the time change...I'll need all the rest I can get for the HUGE day I have planned for us.

Until next time, happy sewing.


Janet O. said...

I feel like such a slacker when I see how much progress you make in such a short amount of time!
Smith Mountain Morning is wonderful!! Have you thought of a K name yet?
Have fun with Tiffany, but don't wear yourself completely out!! : )

Betty said...

Your quilt is stunning, wow, I haven't been sewing and whi la, you have a completed project. You are so fast. I hope you and Tiffany will have a super great time together. Tiffany is looking forward to being in San Diego as you are in having her there.. Hugs