Design Wall Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm moving right along now...  All the cats were finished by mid day on Sunday.  These were the quick and easy blocks.  
Then came the snails trail blocks that are making up the cats tails.   There are a lot of pieces in the block that make it a bit slow going.  I have a several more to go.
I still have enough time to get this UFO done in July.

I had to cut the stripe fabric and try it out.  I'm really liking what I see.  The corners have to be lined up correctly and you can see they are to be assembled the miter way.  

Hope your projects are moving along.  Can you believe this week marks the end of July 2014?  See other projects through the links of Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

Can't believe you put the kitties together so quickly! But then, when can I ever believe the speed at which you work? : )
Those Snails Trail (or Cat Tails) blocks can be tricky. I hope they all go together smoothly for you!

Betty said...

Really nice. What oh what are you going to do with all those quilts????? lol