Thursday, July 17 2014

 I assembled the second Patriotic Block top today after dinner dishes were done.  I decided it needed to be just a bit larger.  I found in my stash this fun Patriotic fabric to work out well.  The top and bottom border was just a little bit too large for WOF.  I found a bright red with a white pin dot to add into the corners.  It has finished 8" around larger than it would have been.  A much better size.
In the next few days the two quilt tops and a special edition Apple Pie flavored Thomas's English Muffins will be in the mail to Southern Maryland!  On to the San Diego Humane Society's project next.  Hopefully my off Friday will see a lot of progress on it.  I'm at the stage of using a light box to transfer markings from the pattern to the fabric.  I used Wonder Under to fuse the pieces to the background.  I sure like Steam-A-Seam better, but its just not available now with all the manufacturing problems they've been having.  If you happen to have some treat it like GOLD!

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Betty said...

Sweet, I like them both. Well let me look and see what I have for the backs. Great job, my dear.