Design Wall Monday, August 26, 2013

Today I have on my design wall my Deck-Ade The Halls project by The Fat Quarters Shop.  There are two downloads yet to be published.  One is the mugs and the final is the layout instructions which contain the sizes of the coping strips.  All of the downloads are still available if you want to make one for yourself.  There are five members of the Sunshine Quilt Guild who took this on as a summer project.  We've met a few times at Jennifer's home.  Today we met to share our projects progress, enjoy a terrific salad lunch, and have some fun with Left Right Center for FQs.  I turned out to be the lucky winner.  It had to be beginners luck!  24 FQs came home with me...the start of another project :)!
I will be putting Deck-Ade The Halls back in its storage bag until the mugs instructions are released.  Next up is the finishing of Wendy's L-Medallion project.  I have a number of the pinwheels ready for sewing now, but lots more to cut before I start piecing again.
The San Diego Quilt Show is about two weeks from today.  I gathered the last of the fabrics I will use in the Joyce Weeks class, Survivor, that I am to take on September 5th.  I'm working on binding two quilts for turn in on September 2nd, but that shouldn't be a problem since I love to bind...  Hope you find time to do what you love this week.  Grab some coffee and see what others are working on at Patchwork Times.


Betty said...

Wow! you won, good job... That is a fun game, even more so with a lot of players.
Deck-Ade the Halls really looks nice and when it is incorporated into a quilt it will be great. I had a super suprise yesterday. Karen really surprised us with a visit.

Janet O. said...

Deck-ade the Halls is such a fun Christmas quilt!
Excuse my ignorance, but I've never heard of "Left, Right, Center".
Congrats on winning it--whatever it is--you made a haul!

Cindy said...

Lots of fun blocks. Will be neat to see how they are assembled in a quilt.

Sue Daurio said...

Deck-ade looks awesome. And congrats on your win, how fun is that!