Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today during my lunch break and a bit before dinner was ready I finished cutting the strips that are needed for all 12 center stars of Krossfire.  I wanted to make sure I would like how the yellows and oranges played together.  I was pretty certain there would not be a problem with the purple using either the yellow or the orange.  I am happy with the results.  That thread in each of the segments is a basting stitch that I use to keep  pieces in place when they are shaped in such a way that is easily shifted when the next piece is sewn down.  In the coming days I will be making the remaining ten stars.

After working a bit on Krossfire I realized that I want to be done with the Krazy Kattle top before my next Buggy Barn class in September.  Maybe it would be better if I concentrated on this project instead.  This was the cow that I made in class.

This is the start of the second cow.  There are lots of sections to put together before the cows really look like cows.  The body has the most.  I will be using a lot of plaids which is a bit different for me.

Pizza boxes are used to store and keep in position all the cut pieces.  It also helps keep the orientation of the pieces.  Just one of the great ideas I picked up during the Buggy Barn classes.

Hope to make lots of cows today.  Yeah Thursday is here =^.^=.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to.


Betty said...

Happy PJ Day. Your cows are so cute, yes haven't seen many plaids in your quilts, looking forward to seeing the finished project. Really like your choices of Krossfire, it will be another beauty.

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

The cows are cute, but I really love the visual impact of the star. The yellow, orange, and purple batiks look so striking together. It really looks like a bright star, sparkling in the night sky. Have a super day!