Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yippee I'm up-to-date on Deck-Ade The Halls.  I'm not sure which package I'd like to tear the wrapper off...  Looking forward to Sunday at Jennifer's social where scoops of ice cream will be on hand.  It might be a late celebration that she is extending to us since she just celebrated a birthday.

Tomorrow I will be back to L-Medallion Quilt.  Happy Tuesday and a Happy Birthday to my Sister-In-Law Barbara who celebrates.  I am positive my brother Mike will treat her as she should be treated on her special day of the year!


Betty said...

Your packages are nice, I knew you would have them finished. I too send to Barbara my birthday wishes.

Janet O. said...

Nice job. I think I am partial to the green one, though they all look very festive! : )