Design Wall Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday I opened the next project's box to see just what I was supposed to sew.  This is a commissioned project designed by Marti Michelle called Set L Medallion.  It is a Block of the Month where as it turns out I have all the blocks now.  Each BOM has its own fabrics that will all use Set L templates.  There are some very rich hand dyes to be used.

These are the different fabrics starting with wine, blue, gold, beige, green, purple, and finally brown.
 This is the only photo I have of the final quilt.  So use your imagination to fill in the color =^.^=
Month 1 - Bandstand in the Square in pieces using three of the six templates of Set L.  Fabrics purple, beige, green, blue, wine, and brown.
Month 2 - Coventry Circle in pieces using three of three of the six templates of Set L.  Fabrics blue, brown, green, wine, and beige.
Here is how the first two blocks turned out.   Beige as you can see is the background fabric.  Marti's templates make for easy assembly.  I find it real necessary to use scant 1/4" seams for everything to play well together.
Next up is Month 3 - Nesting Birds.  I'll be using beige, blue, green, wine, brown, and purple.  Three of the six templates of Set L.  
I should have more blocks done when I post next time.  Come back and check out how this project comes along.  There are lots more quilters doing wonderful things in their sewing rooms across the globe.  Find time to see what others are up to through the links at Patchwork Times.


Jennifer said...

Oh, the colors are so rich on those blocks! Looks forward to seeing more of them as you make them.

Betty said...

Change the name from BOM to QD (quilt done). You are so fast, we will all be seeing the finished project in no time. It sure will be nice.

Judy D in WA said...

Your quilt is going to be stunning!

Janet O. said...

Gorgeous depth of color! This will be beautiful--and your Mom is right. We will be seeing a finish in no time, I'm sure!