Sunday Stash Report, July 7, 2013

I pulled the fabrics that I'll be using for my July 2013 UFO.  This is a Country Threads pattern called Layer Upon Layer.  It calls for a 40 piece Layer Cake.  The Layer Cake is cut into various lengths of 1 1/2" wide pieces that come together surrounding a dark center.  I will be using my stash for this project and not all pieces are Layer Cake size (10" square).  I started my fabric pulling with the three plaids that are in the center.  I'll either use a dark navy or the teal polka dot in the center for the dark centers.  I have lots of the teal polka dot which will definitely be most of the back if that becomes it's only use.  Kubicle was suggested as a name for this project...any more ideas out there?

I'm continuing today on assembling Kaskade.  I will have more photos on Kaskade tomorrow.  Until next week I have nothing to report either way to my stash.  Kaskade is coming next week!

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  206.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  53.5 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2013:  152.75

Patchwork Times has more quilters explaining their stash today.  Enjoy your Sunday!


Betty said...

I like the name you chose for your new project. The colors are going to be great. I guess you will have this one done in a week (or less). My oh My, you sure do knock out quilts.

Kate said...

Very pretty fabric selection. Kubicle would be my choice for the name, it really fits.

Janet O. said...

Pretty fabrics--will have a soft look to it. Whatever you call it, it will look great.