Saturday, July 27, 2013

 I would have liked to be working on Krossfire, but wanting to have Krazy Kattle done to a top in early September pushed it to the side.  I am pretty excited about how Krazy Kattle is looking.  Notice the top right cow?  The felted wool eyes and nostrils really add a lot to the cuteness of this quilt.  I'm somewhat concerned how it will show up against the cow with the dot face...the shapes are about the same size and the colors not too far off either.  Maybe a change...
This is the next cow to be assembled.  You can see that I am bringing in more color.  Certainly the current arrangement will not be the end result!  There are also two barns to be added that I plan to get to once the cow are complete.

I plan on a day at Kerry's.  We will be finishing up the Fur Ball quilt as far as getting it in the mail.  I will be figuring out what's what with the fabrics for the L-Medallion quilt's center.  I am anxious to get have that project done for Wendy.  I don't like the results of changing sewing machines in the middle of a project, so that may mean returning to Krossfire for tomorrow's sewing.  It is paper pieced and shouldn't matter regarding seam widths.  I will go to Kerry's prepared to sew; even though lots of times sewing doesn't seem to work into our days together recently.  There is a new baby to enjoy!

What have you got scheduled for today?


Betty said...

Your cows are darling, didn't know thee wa so many different breeds of cows, lol Unusal to see you having three quilts going at once. If you see the baby, throw her a kiss for me.

Janet O. said...

What fun cows! Real cows are sometimes colored in ways that their eyes are hard to see--you just have one that is more realistic than you thought! : )
The Star "brand" is a nice touch.
Very cute quilt.