Friday, August 10, 2012

Quiltathon progress...

From the first introduction about the Quiltathon from Judy I selected my fabrics.  I will be making the smaller size that requires 15 of each block design.  Brick red for the dark, a black and white check for the 2nd border, brights that play nice with the inner border for the squares, and a real cute Little Golden Books theme fabric for the inner border and center square of the two block designs.

Instructions posted for the two block designs, along with cutting instructions.  I calculated that I'd need:

3 - 3.5" WOF strips of the Little Golden Books fabric (yellow)
14 - 2" WOF strips of the brick red (black)
12 - 2" WOF strips of the brights (multi squares)

These were cut last night.  Today at lunchtime I'll sub cut the 3.5" strips and the 2" strips of brick red into their specific sizes.  I've decided it might be faster to sew my 2" strips of brights into strip sets then pick the stitches out where needed to make the set the size needed.  Block A will need two each of 2 squares and 4 squares.  Block B will need two each of 4 squares and 6 squares.  To pull the stitches out will only take the ripper three thread breaks...yes I think this will be quicker for me.

I'll be all set to start sewing which will be assembly style when I get home tonight.  I'll be sewing as many of the 30 blocks together as possible.  There is no further direction from Judy today so I guess we are to continue sewing from Thursday's instructions.  I can handle that!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's progress.  Going to have to start thinking of a name for this project...

By the way I made good progress on the last 34 FG for Kaktus.  They are on their final FG unit of five that are on the foundation.  I'm at the trimming stage, that I'll also work on during my lunchtime today, to be ready for the final wing to be sewn down.  Then all that will remain to finish these up will be to remove the paper.  I also have all the HSTs marked for Klappers.  Thanks Bonnie for getting me through that yesterday.  I'll be sewing HSTs tomorrow at Kerry's...our first sew day together in quite some time.

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Janet O. said...

I'm liking the Quiltathon project. As for a name (I love thinking up names), how about Kwadrangle? Look up "quadrangle" and see what you think. Just an idea.