UFO #3 Kourageous Heartsease, Friday, December 16, 2011

November UFO #3 Kourageous Heartsease

A little late but its finally done; my November UFO with Patchwork Times.  This is a design by Claudia Hasenbach.  It had 61 pieces and 17 sections.  It goes well with the other blocks which is what I'm working towards since this was the 11th block of the project that will contain 12 blocks.

Kourageous through November

Here is Kourageous through November.  Anything stand out that should be replaced?  OR did I do well so far?

December UFO#12 Kourageous Violets

This is the 12th and final block.  I'm filling in the last of the colors that I think the project needs.  #12 Kourageous Violets is December's UFO with 169 pieces and 26 sections.  Gotta Go Out With A BANG!  More on this block when its put in assembly.


Janet O. said...

Beautiful job, as usual! What an accomplishment this finished quilt will be. Have you had any further inspiration on how you are going to set the blocks?

JudyCinNC said...

Just beautiful now seeing all the blocks together - wonder where the sashing (or maybe none) will take you. This is so unique and all yours. Judy C in NC

Marj said...

I think that you did a great job picking out colors for the last block. It will be fun to see what you do with the setting of this quilt.