Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kourageous Violets
The days are winding down for 2011.  I'm happy to say that I've got my December UFO #12 with Patchwork Times DONE!  YIPPEE!  Kourageous Violets with 169 pieces and 26 sections completed today just before dinner time.  I started it last night finishing 7 sections.  I went to bed when I not only messed up once on the F section, but darn it two times.  It took me three attempts to get the pieces 1 and two fabrics correct.  I was beginning to worry that I'd have enough of the paper pattern to get it done without a visit to a local merchants copy machine...
Kourageous Violets F section mistake
I've got all my blocks finished that I challenged myself to accomplish in 2011.  Next I'll be trying to figure out some sort of setting.  Perhaps I'll be making a few more of these animal skin theme exotic flowers.  I still have several patterns that invite me to be made; an orchid, a magnolia, a thistle, a flat pea, a bearbind, a corn poppy, and a red clover.  Making more will be determined on the setting of course.  I hope to finish this project sometime in 2012. The Violets pattern is by Linda Causee in her book 24 Flower Quilt Blocks.  If you wish to look at the collection of blocks that were designed by Claudia Hasenbach you can start with the Heartsease block at her website HERE.

Kourageous 2011 UFO Challenge

Starting with the top left and working across the list below has flower design and designer along with UFO designation and the piece count.  These are all paper pieced.

Lily by Linda Causee, UFO #6 January, 146 pieces
Cranesbill by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #10 February, 82 pieces
Bellflower by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #1 March, 81 pieces
Meadow Clary by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #4 April, 99 pieces
Lily of the Valley by Linda Causee, UFO #9 May, 150 pieces
Larkspur by Linda Causee, UFO #8 June, 188 pieces
Flax by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #2 July, 74 pieces
Iris by Linda Causee, UFO #7 August, 169 pieces
Pansy by Linda Causee, UFO #11 September, 232 pieces
Meadow Buttercup by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #5 October, 89 pieces
Heartsease by Claudia Hasenbach, UFO #3 November, 61 pieces
Violets by Linda Causee, UFO #12 December, 169 pieces

So I'll close with a cute comic.  I'm about to spend the rest of the evening cutting up scraps for future projects.  My scrap basket overflows with neglect.  Happy Sewing!


Janet O. said...

Excellent job on your Kourageous blocks, Sandra. This is going to be a very kool kwilt!

Karen S said...

I LOVE your flowers! They are just gorgeous! The fabrics, the colors...!

Heather said...

They are just SO beautiful! Congratulations on getting them all finished. Happy New Year! :o)

Diane said...

These blocks are all beautiful. Congrats on getting them done in 2011!

ANudge said...

Oh, I love them all! What a gorgeous quilt they are going to make.

Carol said...

What an awesome accomplishment for 2011! They're all beautiful.

Donna~~ said...

Lovely block--incredible number of pieces though--Yikes! Your blocks are all beautiful together--I look forward to seeing them all set together! Congrats on a successful year!

JCnNC said...

I think you already know just how much I love these blocks - spectacular and wonderful. Can't wait to see them all assembled and quilted. Judy C

Jennifer said...

holy cow! you're WAY more ambitious than i would be- although i'd LOVE to have a quilt like this! i finally got my 2012 UFO's organized and posted, so i'm looking forward to the next drawing!