Design Wall Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's start with Part 5!  Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay Mystery that many are working on right now from her blog.  I'll be calling my quilt Kordova Klosure.  I have all 700 pieces cut and ready for sewing.  Its time to start putting parts together...

This project is another Bonnie Hunter design called Chunky Churndashes (yet to be named) that is also free on her website.  I'm coordinating a block exchange for the churndash block.  Joan has hers already done for the end of February 2012 deadline.  I've got all of mine cut and just four sewn together.  They go fast!

Another Bonnie Hunter design called Floribunda! Yep this one is also available for free on her website.  Bonnie is Sunshine Quilt Guild's guest speaker in fitting that we should be making one of her designs for our Block of the Month.  We either received a floral where we supply a yellow or the other way around.  I happened to get the floral.

Find time to be inspired by visiting Patchwork Times to see other great projects from around the globe.  Happy Sewing!


Betty said...

Your are one busy lady. 700 pieces, good grief.....That will be another large quilt, and beautiful as well.
I just finished making the design Floribunda, really like how it turned out.

Kathie said...

I agree with your mom, 700 PIECES!!! Are you Can't wait to see how it turns out. I love the chunky churndash I will have to try that one some time.

Thanks for the Christmas card!!!

Janet O. said...

I love my Floribunda quilt top--now I need to get it quilted!
A couple of suggestions for your Churndash quilt name--I think it is very similar to the "Puss in the Corner" block and could be Kat in the Korner, or since the full square is "chunky" compared to the HST usually in the churndash block, you could call it Klunky Korners. : )

Kate said...

Lots going on with your design wall. I like Bonnie's quilts, but I'm a bit intimidated by the number of pieces she uses1